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Add or Remove a Director (Company)

Directors are supposed to be the cerebrum of the organization. They are the administrative workforce who control and oversee the organization's activities. The revolution of Directors happens in either way – either by the arrangement of a new Director or abdication of existing. Mean to do a change of Directors is consistently to guarantee an ideal mix of specialists ready for the interest of the organization. The power to favor the renunciation of the Director lies with the individuals from BoD while the arrangement should be made through the assent of investors. Regardless of whether it is an arrangement, evacuation, or abdication, the change doesn't produce results until the hint is made to the Ministry of corporate issues.



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Add or Remove a Director (Company)

Hire new skills on board

With the development of business, techniques and collusions are created, that requires contributions of every office are needed for powerful arranging. Likewise, with an expansion of the new product offering or division, a specialist to lead the group can be employed in an administrative position being head of the organization. This advantages the organization with specialization and centered endeavors.

Assign organizational legal responsibility for that reason warding off possession dilution

Directors are accountable for everyday operations. With the appointment of a further director, the shareholders can assign the operational duties to administrators maintaining strategic manipulate in hand. Here, a director does now no longer require subscribing to proportion capital, hence, the possession and vote casting rights of shareholders do now no longer dilute with a brand new character on Board.

Inability to paintings via way of means of current directors

The existing administrators are also unable to serve the corporate once an explicit amount because of retirement or alternative personal reasons. whether or not it's a resignation by the director or his death, the company must ensure that its work is unaffected. It needs to method for each discontinuation by director and appointment of a replacement director if any.

Number of administrators be a statutory limit

The Companies Act has prescribed the minimal wide variety of administrators in any agency, that is 2 and three for Private and Public agency respectively. At any time all through the agency’s existence, the wide variety of administrators shall now no longer lessen beneath from the limit. The agency should employ a brand new director(s) within 6 months if the wide variety reduces beneath 2/3.

document required
Add or Remove a Director (Company)


Proof of Residence

Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License director to be appointed


PAN Card

Self-attested PAN card of the director to be appointed



Passport size photograph of the director to be appointed


Digital Signature Certificate

DSC of the continuing director and director to be removed

steps involved in
Add or Remove a Director (Company)

Step 1 1-2 Days
  • Consultancy for the requirement of extruding of directors
  • Collection of primary Information & documents
  • Application for DSC (for the director to be appointed)
Step 2 2-4 Days
  • Drafting important resolutions and files
  • Provide files required supplied after signature
Step 3 5-7 Days
  • Preparation of on-line utility
  • Filing of utility for converting directors
  • Sharing grasp facts from MCA with up to date information

Frequently Asked Questions
Add or Remove a Director (Company)

What need to I do to get rid of a Director from a company?

To dispose of a director from a Company, the administrators shall behavior an assembly of participants for his or her consent after serving unique observe in this regard. The exiting director ought to receive a possibility to symbolize his grounds.

What are the pre-standards to feature a director in company?

A person to be brought as a director should be principal and certified beneath neath the Companies Act, 2013. For the appointment, the consent of the contributors is likewise required.

Do I want to use for some other DIN, if I even have already procured one?

No, you aren't required to reap any other DIN. It is completely allocated and may be used for a person’s next appointment in any company/LLP.

Whether director wishes to subscribe stocks for his appointment?

There isn't any requirement to subscribe to the stocks with the aid of using the director. However, if the Articles (AoA) of the employer prescribe for such a subscription, it has to be fulfilled as a circumstance for his appointment.

Can I renounce myself from the company?

Yes, a director can voluntarily resign. The note of resignation should be served to the enterprise declaring motive of resignation. Also, the resigning director wishes to record a shape for intimation to MCA approximately his resignation from the enterprise.

My director has filed his resignation, what have to I do now?

Once the director has filed his resignation with the organization and MCA, it's miles the duty of the organization to intimate the alternate to MCA. The considered necessary e-shape is needed to be filed within 30 days from the resignation. Further, the emptiness of the director is likewise required to be stuffed as in step with the requirement.

What have to I do if range of director(s) in my corporation is much less than 2/3?

If the whole range of administrators is much less than the range prescribed, the business enterprise shall employ a director(s) withinside the business enterprise to meet the requirement within 6 months from removal/resignation/loss of life of the involved director.

Do I want to sale/switch my stocks at the same time as finishing my tenure as director in a company?

No, even after the give up of the tenure as director, someone can maintain the stocks withinside the agency. However, if the stocks withinside the agency are subscribed as a circumstance to appointment as supplied with the aid of using AoA, the stocks also are required to be disposed of withinside the way supplied in AoA.

What need to I recognize earlier than converting administrators in Private Limited Company?

While wearing extrude withinside the board of administrators, the organization needs to reap consent from its Board and members, as required with the aid of using passing a resolution. Further, care needs to be taken that the wide variety of administrators does now no longer fall beneath the statutory restriction after elimination or resignation.

How to switch the stocks at the same time as extrade of director withinside the company?

The stocks of the corporation will be transferred with the aid of using the manner of executing the Share Transfer deed and with the aid of using affixing the stamps as consistent with the fees cited withinside the Stamp Act of the worried State after the change.

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Add or Remove a Director (Company)