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Provisional Patent

PROVISIONAL PATENT A Provisional Patent application is an interval step headed for a patent. It is successful on the grounds that by documenting a proper temporary patent application an individual can showcase the creation unafraid of losing his patent rights, securing money to continue with advancement and further patent activities. Quite possibly the main authoritative archive while applying for patent enrollment is temporary determination or complete particular. To build the odds of getting patent enrollment, an arrangement detail can be recorded alongside a patent application if the candidate feels that the development has arrived at a phase wherein it tends to be uncovered on paper, however has not achieved the last stage. The normal time taken to record a temporary patent application is around 15 – 20 working days, subject to government handling time and customer report accommodation. Get a free conference on temporary patent application documenting by booking a meeting with an IndiaFilings Advisor.



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Provisional Patent

Builds up Priority Rights

Documenting a temporary patent empowers the candidate to get a needed date for his patent and accordingly forgoing some other individual recording a particularly comparative patent.

Purchases Time to roll out required improvements

A provisional patent gives the innovator time to work on the development and review its utility, curiosity, and imaginative factor until it is concluded according to the setup norms. A time of a year is given to documenting the last patent draft called a total determination.

Check the Worth of Invention

Recording a provisional application is a more straightforward and reasonable advance for beginning patent insurance. The creator gets a year before recording the total particular which is alluded to as complete patent in the normal speech. This period gives the candidate sufficient opportunity to mull over whether the creation can be protected and measure its plausibility. Changing the choice inside these a year doesn't draw in any charges/punishments and the candidate can carefully choose if the venture is awesome. Additionally, all things considered, it will likewise not get distributed and won't come in the public area.

Monetary Returns

The patent is an extraordinary resource and can separate way greater money-related advantages than some other protected innovation whenever oversaw insightfully. The proprietor can permit, allocate, or sell its patent at whatever point required. Numerous drug organizations have made extraordinary benefits through their protected items through authorizing, doling out, and so forth.

document required
Provisional Patent


Illustrations/Drawings of the invention.


Priority Document ( This is used for convention applications if priority date is claimed).


Form 3 (Corresponding foreign patent application statement and undertakings)


E-filing fees (Patent Statutory fee)


Form 26 (Power of Attorney). If your patent is filed by a Patent Agent then this form is necessary.


Form 2 (Provisional Specifications)


Form 5 ( Declaration of Inventorship)


Form 1 ( Application for grant of patent)

steps involved in
Provisional Patent

Step 1 1-2 Days
  • Conversation and assortment of fundamental Information
  • Give required records
  • Give a draft data about the innovation, its uses, and benefits
Step 2 3-13 Days
  • Screening of the draft given by the candidate
  • Arrangement of Provisional patent application
  • Evaluating and refining the cases
Step 3 14-15 Days
  • Record provisional patent online with Form-2 and related archives

Frequently Asked Questions
Provisional Patent

Does the patent pursuit ensures that the creation won't get sued later on?

No, the reason for a patent hunt is to assess if any development is accessible in the public space which is nearest or comparable concerning the proposed creation. The patent pursuit report doesn't profess to test if your development's parts are secured by different licenses. For this, you need to play out an opportunity to work search.

What is the distinction among Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent?

A temporary patent application is not normal for a non-temporary application since it won't ever be analyzed, however, is utilized to set up a need date. The temporary application is intended to purchase the designer more opportunity to choose if he needs to seek after a non-temporary patent application, which requires more work and is commonly more costly. Essentially, a temporary patent application is a straightforward depiction of thought alongside any relevant drawings.

A non-temporary patent application requires a couple of a larger number of parts than a temporary patent application. It requires a bunch of cases, a depiction of the development, any relevant drawings of the creation, a theoretical, a recording charge, and a pledge or affirmation.

What is a Provisional Patent?

A Provisional Patent application is an interval step headed straight toward a patent. It is viable in light of the fact that by documenting a suitable temporary patent application an individual can showcase the innovation unafraid of losing his patent rights, getting money to continue with improvement and further patent activities.

Does the patent hunt incorporate just licenses?

Each earlier distribution puts innovation in danger of being declined as a patent. Every single piece of data accessible in open space in any structure is considered as earlier craftsmanship. The patent hunt reports may likewise incorporate pages, logical articles, items, and so forth

What is a Provisional Specification?

Indian Patent Law follows first to document framework. Temporary determination depicts the idea of the creation to have the need date of recording of the application in which the imaginative thought has been uncovered. It should be trailed by a total particular depicting the subtleties of the development alongside an assertion of cases inside a year in the wake of documenting of the temporary application. On the off chance that the total particular isn't recorded inside the endorsed period, the application is treated as considered to have been deserted

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Provisional Patent