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Trademark Opposition

Tradmark Opposition in India comes at a phase after the recorder has affirmed the brand name application on the uniqueness factor and distributes the brand name in the diary for the outsider resistance. Anybody can contradict the distributed brand name inside a time of 3 months which can be reached out for a month more (3+1); starting from the day it was first distributed. On the off chance that the imprint is restricted, a resistance continuing is started. After which, both the gatherings included need to arrive at a resolution, and the choice is taken. The choice of whether the imprint can be enlisted or deserted would be made. There is no limitation on recording a resistance. Any individual who accepts that the distributed imprint may make disarray among the general population can petition for the resistance while the onus of shielding the brand name lies in the possession of the brand name registrant.



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Trademark Opposition

A profoundly powerful solution for TM proprietor

  • Trademark resistance assumes an extremely prominent part as it is an opportunity for the enlisted brand name proprietors to stop whatever other imprint that can prevent/weaken their image or create any conceivable turmoil in the blemish

Public meeting

  • As the brand is made through public notoriety and request, it is vital to counsel general society for endorsement about the registrability of the applied brand name.

A trademark resistance can be recorded under various areas like supreme grounds, relative grounds, denied mark or the adversary may likewise bring up their own criticism as to the ownership of the brand name restricted. The Indian Trademark Law doesn't give a particular grounds of resistance. Henceforth, the purpose behind brand name resistance could be shifted.

document required
Trademark Opposition



Affidavit with the fundamental data about the brand name and its client date and verification of utilization


Insights concerning the restricted imprint

Definite data about the detriment for which the resistance is to be documented, for example, name and essential justification for documenting the resistance


Power of Attorney

It permits the lawyer to record the brand name resistance for your benefit


Subtleties of candidate

Name, Address, Nationality, and so on of the candidate. Body corporates/different classifications need to give enlistment endorsement

steps involved in
Trademark Opposition

Step 1 1-2 Days
  • Conversation and assortment of essential Information
  • Give required records
Step 2 3-7 Days
  • Drafting of Opposition application by Professionals
Step 3 8-9 Days
  • Documenting of online TM-O application

Frequently Asked Questions
Trademark Opposition

What is the time span for recording the Notice of Opposition?

The notification of resistance can be documented inside a quarter of a year, extendable by one month (3+1) from the date on which the brand name was distributed in the Trade Marks Journal. On the off chance that the notification of resistance is recorded following three months however before the expiry of four months, at that point it should be joined by a solicitation for an expansion by one month, giving adequate purposes behind the postponement in documenting the resistance.

What the offended party should build up in a passing off activity?

For a situation where the notification of resistance is documented on the utilization of the imprint, it is crucial to show that the contested imprint or logo has gotten particular and is perceived as that of the offended party's merchandise and enterprises. Subsequently, any imprint that can create turmoil among the customers can't be enlisted as it would hurt the generally existing clients' business.

My imprint isn't enlisted in India; would i be able to record a resistance dependent on my forthcoming application and use?

Through a custom-based law of privileges of passing off, one can record a resistance regardless of whether the Trademark application is forthcoming or effectively being used if not enlisted. This law keeps any individual from selling his products/administrations like that of another and profiting from it.

What is Trademark Opposition?

When the Trademark is published in Trademark's diary, there is a four-month window that will be given to the overall population to raise the brand name resistance. Brand name resistance comes after the brand name complaint gets cleared and the TM is as of now promoted or re-publicized in the TM Journal.

What is the following stage once I document the Notice of Opposition?

The subsequent stage is taken by the Registry. The recorder serves the duplicate to the rival with the goal that they can document a counter assertion. This must be documented within 2 months of the receipt of the notification of resistance. On the off chance that it isn't recorded, it is accepted to be deserted.

Who can document the Notice of Opposition?

In India, anybody can petition for the Trademark Opposition. Normally, it is started by an individual who is the proprietor of a prior brand name or an imprint that manages comparable products/administrations; or that has a chance of making disarray or mischief a current imprint can document a resistance, regardless of whether its own imprint isn't enlisted.

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Trademark Opposition